Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to wear white pants and avoid wardrobe malfunctions

white on white trend harper's bazaar
Harper's Bazaar
Wear white clothes or clothes made of light weighted fabrics can be tricky because they can be transparent when worn and show undergarments. This undesirable effect can be avoided easily borrowing a trick from men wardrobe. Forget wardrobe malfunctions with a lining. In fact, men tailored trousers are lined. The lining is sewed along the trouser fabric and arrives at knee length.

 If you're making your white trousers from scratch you can cut the white lining with the same pattern of your trousers, put it over the fabric and sew all the layers at once.

If you already have a pair of white trousers

Option n°1 Take them inside out, stretch well the fabric flat and sew the lining on the seam allowance along the edges of the the front and the back panels of the trousers (stitches won't be visible on the right side of the fabric).Cut a rectangular piece of lining, pin it along the seams and cut the excess, no pattern needed. Be sure the lining is not tight and follow the seams. Cut two pieces of lining for the front and two for the back for a better fit. The length of the lining is up to you, you can make it at knee length, but the "shorts" length is perfectly fine.

Option n°2 Make a pair of shorts made of lining and sew them at the waist of the trousers or keep them detached and wear them under every light colored pair of trousers you have.

Now wear your white trousers with confidence.

the lining sewn with the trouser fabric pic via seh kelly

 men trousers inside out showing the lining - pic via a tailored suit


Paula said...

HA! This is ingenious! Love it.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Sylvia Salas - Dare to DIY said...

Love that outfit on the pic, looks great on the model. But you're right, this kind of garments might be a little bit difficult to wear some times...


Matter Of Style said...

@ paula and it works! :D

Anita said...

What a brilliant idea!!

Letitia (Eindhoven NL) said...

Do you also have a tip to keep them white when DIY-ing? My white jeans and trousers are only white for 30 minutes then they are splashed with coffee freckles, grey sand, red pencil, make-up etc. HELP!