Monday, July 22, 2013

How to make your manicure last longer so you have more time to craft!

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Keeping a perfect manicure is nearly impossible for diy enthusiastic like us. It doesn't matter if your favorite activity is sewing, jewelry making or artistic recycling. If you're busy pulling threads or taking off paint from your hands you'll  likely  stress and ruin your manicure. 
What can we do to make our manicure last longer?

Prevention first. In order to make your manicure last longer pay attention to a couple of details that will extend the life of your nail polish.

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Wrap your tips. The top of the nail is the most exposed to chipping. If you paint the edge of the nail, the coverage will make your manicure last longer.

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Roll nail polish between hands before applying it. If you owned that bottle of nail polish for a while you'd better mix its content. The enamel will be easier to apply and you can avoid thick layers of paint that won't last long.

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Let it dry, but quickly. After applying nail polish I can't wait to get back to my activities and I often ruin my manicure because I'm impatient. Dip your hands into cold water for a couple of minutes to dry the polish quickly.

Coat your manicure with transparent nail polish. Ok you already know that, but that thin layer of clear polish will really extend the life of your manicure of a couple of days.

Fix it!

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What to do when your manicure it's damaged. Ok so you're really proud of your latest diy masterpiece but it took a lot of glue and you're peeling it off your hands when, wait you've damaged your manicure and you have to be on the red carpet in an hour (warning, this may be a dramatization) and you don't have time to re-apply your manicure all over again.
With the remaining glue, place a giant rhinestone on top of your wait just kidding!!

Paint the tips. Nail polish damages at the top of the nail first. Fix it with a french manicure. Paint the tips with a darker color.

If the manicure is damaged and you are in a rush, paint all your nails with a darker color and relax.



Paula said...

Great tips! I also find that a coat of clear polish with glitter extends even further! I guess it's the grit from the glitter - like pebble dashing a house!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Sarah said...

thanks for the tips, it can be really frustrating when a new manicure get ruined because of DIY.