Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peek-a-boo - DIY your sheer with scissors

sheer dior gown spring 2013
Dior spring 2013 pic via splurgerina
See-through garments are a hit of the season. They're intriguing and with the proper cuts you can show just the right amount of skin without reveal too much.
Your new sheer garments are those you already have in your wardrobe after a quick refashion treatment. Sheer panels can be smart too. You can cut away faults, enlarge clothes that are too tight, renew garments you don't wear because they are so last season.
Get inspired by some of the season hottest pieces and make your sheer garment with a pair of scissors.

Misterious, elegant and feminine, this Dior gown has a romantic allure given by the embroidered lace and it shows legs with nonchalance. In order to get this look you can cut a maxi dress around the side seam. Place the dress flat on table and then, without the need of any pattern, pin the lace/sheer fabric on the cut part and sew it on the dress exactly like I did with the Stella McCartney inspired sheer skirt, you can see the tutorial here.

Versace spring 2013 lace see through dress
Versace spring 2013 pic via

Like I said before this technique can be used to fix faulty garments. In fact, you can substitute the damaged/stained part of fabric with a sheer panel. You can make sheer or lace sleeves, you can add a sheer panel at the bottom of a skirt to lengthen it or if you dare, you can add a sheer panel at both sides of a dress to enlarge it a bit.

stella mccartney fall 2011 polka dot sheer dress
Stella McCatney fall 2011 polka dot dress via coolspotters

Versace spring 2013 pic via, cut out corset dress
Versace spring 2013 pic via
This is a perfect festival look. The corset detail makes this dress unique and the diagonal line makes it fresh. You can use this trick to make a shirt a little bit larger. If you feel that this look is too daring, you can make this detail on the back of the shirt and it becomes instantly more wearable.

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Ooh - very daring. Nice way to re-purpose an old piece of clothing you're bored of.

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