Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's day DIY ideas

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black heart tee - sunglasses chain - heart print leggings - potato stamping tool - ipnotic poison perfume

Valentine's day is close, are you planning to wear something to celebrate love?
Here some DIY ideas for you.
Did you know that you can cut out a heart shape out of a potato and obtain a fab stamping tool? You'll just have to dip it into the fabric paint and decorate your clothes with it very quickly.

Il giorno di San Valentino si avvicina. Indosserete un capo che celebri l'amore?
Ecco qualche idea per realizzarlo.
Potrete realizzare un timbro ritagliando la forma di un cuore da un tubero. Basterà intingerlo nel colore per la stoffa e realizzare così dei cuori tutti uguali.

 diy, cloth diy, heart diy, cut out diy, cut out heart,idee san valentino, glitter heart diy,heart jumper, valentine's day
Cut out apple - Cut out heart top - mesh heart top - Asos cut out heart - anatomic heart pendant
Cut out heart shape with scissors to make an unusual top. The black one you see above is covered with a layer of lace mesh fabric. If you want to make one similar see how to create an insert with mesh fabric. Here's a little idea for the table, you can also cut out an heart shape out of an apple.

Ritagliate la forma di un cuore per realizzare un top diverso. Se volete ricoprire il cuore di stoffa trasparente come il top nero qui in alto potrete vedere come realizzare un inserto in tulle qui.
 diy, cloth diy, heart diy, cut out diy, cut out heart,idee san valentino, glitter heart diy,heart jumper, valentine's day
glitter jumper - heart trim dress - DIY jumper by soccermomstyle - sequin heart sweater-

heart-Shaped Doughnut Recipe

Cut out an heart shape
  1. from a piece of sequin fabric and sew them on a top
  2. from a  iron on transfer glitter sheet apply it on a shirt.
You can also decorate your clothes with some fancy trims: sew (or glue) them randomly or use them to form an heart shape, have a look at the super cute DIY ruffle heart top by soccermomstyle.

Ritagliate una forma di un cuore da
  1. da un ritaglio di stoffa in paillettes e cucitela su di un top
  2. da un foglio a4 trasferibile in glitter e applicatelo con il ferro da stiro su di un top
Se avete delle trine potete incollarle o cucirle su di un top, date un'occhiata al top che ha realizzato la blogger di soccermomstyle.


Zane said...

great ideas

Unknown said...

I love these! Funny I just posted my sequin heart sweater DIY today!

Natasha ~

Matter Of Style said...

@Natasha it's definitely the right time of the year to diy a heart top! :D

Little Miss Shoeshine said...

wonderful ideas, I will try some!

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cute ideas :)

Unknown said...

great v-day inspirations. love that top with the backless heart. :)

enjoy your wknd

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