Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY idea: embellished head to toe

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Fireworks inspired Dolce&Gabbana spring 2012 collection.The pyrotechnic lights are reproduced on clothes with big,colored stones. Dresses become giant jewels. The keyword is exagerate with embellishes.If you want to reproduce this look  you have two options: hot fix iron on rhinestones that you can glue on a garment with iron or flat back rhinestones; search those that are pirched and can be used like beads. You can sew them on a cloth with needle and thread.

Jen asked how to reproduce Selena Gomez bejewelled look  in Love me like a love song video.
In order to copy her look take a plain corset or a corset tutu dress and decorate it with the rhistones above. Iron on rhinestuds are easier to handle: just place them wherever you want on the corset and press the hot iron on. If you have more time and patience choose flat back rhinestones and sew them on the corset ( you might be able to find them bigger than iron on ones). Big sequins can also be an option. I also found a couple of ready to buy inspired looks. If you have any question feel free to ask.

DIY supply:  Free people corset - Modcloth tutu dress or READY to BUY: Jill Stuart tulle dress - Sherry Hill prom dress

Dolce&Gabbana hanno ricoperto i loro abiti di veri e propri gioielli evocando i fuochi d'artificio dei giorni di festa. Un look fastoso che può essere copiato con un po' di pazienza e tanti strass da incollare  con il ferro da stiro o stras piatti e forati da cucire come perline.
Jen mi ha chiesto come riprodurre il look di Selena Gomez nel video Love me like a love song. Partendo da un corsetto semplice basterà posizionare a piacimento gli strass e poi incollarli con il ferro caldo oppure dare un'occhiata a i look che ho scovato ispirati a quello della cantante.


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