Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Big Bright Coat

big bright coats
Chicago Tribune cover pic via Fashion gone rouge

Freezing outside? Take comfort in the warm embrace of an oversized coat.
Boxy cut and essentials lines, femininity it's all in the saturated colors that cannot go unnoticed. Pink, royal blue, orange or red. Pick one or wear them all like Miroslava Duma did.

miroslava duma Celine oversized coat
Miroslava Duma in her oversized Celine coat pic via Fab Miroslava Duma

blue oversized coat
pic via comma chic

pink all-over look
via Caviar taste
The pink above is my favorite.

M&S oversized coat
M&S pink coat pic via yahoo lifestyle

Celine oversized coat
Carven oversized coat
pink moto coat
river island blue oversized coat
blue coat
pink coat
blue coat
double breasted coat

topshop oversized coat
pink wool coat
bloomingdale oversized coat
petroleum coat
light pink coat
pink coat

red coat


hiPop said...

Nothing feels better than being wrapped in meters of cashmere!



Matter Of Style said...

you're so right! :D

Neon Rider said...

nice blog. follow you :)

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Mirna said...

Couldn't have said it better hiPop!