Saturday, November 30, 2013

Treats for your inner child

Minna Parikka pic via The terrier and the lobster

We saw Charlotte Olympia kitty shoes at the feet of fashionistas of all ages and a wide number of similar playful products are spreading in the market. Cuteness for grown up girls who continue to nurture their inner child, not for a form of any nostalgia of childhood days, but because they still want to have fun. Today we are allowed to play with our look like we never done before. Being adults was once connected with a certain dose of seriousness and consequentially a poised look. In a world in which everyone dreams an endless youth, lines are blurred.
 Nowadays we can hang around with a bag in the shape of a cup of tea and be a fashionable girl who is wearing Moschino and not a five-year old organizing a tea for her puppies.
"Don't play with your food" moms used to say. It's an impossible task with the irresistible tetris sandwich cutter pictured below, you can eat a row only when you clear it.
On the other hand, if we can wear boyfriend jeans, why can't we wear a tutu skirt for a day?
There are no strict style rules.
Needless to say, I love all this cute accessories.
While wearing my cat ear hat I ask you:
The cuteness of these accessories is too contagious to miss or you'll leave it to the (very) youngs?
In your opinion, is there a fixed age in which we should stop wearing kitty slippers?

Kitty flats pic via The Cherry blossom girl

Glitter Miu Miu shoes pic via Color Trial
Moschino boat clutch bag pic via Etoiles Dansantes

Moschino cup of tea bag pic via Etoiles Dansantes

Dolce&Gabbana metallic cage shoes
cat bag
tetris sandwich cutter
Moschino bear iphone case

cupcake hat

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Unknown said...

The cat ear shoes and cupcake hat are adorable! Great Christmas present ideas :)