Thursday, November 28, 2013

Things to do when you're stuck at home

via Friends wiki

If you're stuck at home for reasons out of your control, like a snowfall or a storm you'll suddently have plenty of spare time and no idea on how to spend it. You may regularly complain about how busy your life is, but when you get down the merry-go-round you don't even remember how it feels to have nothing to do. If it's not a regular day off, something you couldn't expect, don't spend the day looking outside the window hoping that things will get back to normal quickly. Read the suggestions below.

Chandler having a bath ppic via Friends screencaps

There's nothing you can do so relax!

Phoebe's granma famous cookies - recipe via Anne's Food
Bake cookies,

Monica dance pic via Sweet Potato runs

 then, eat them all!

Joey reading "Little women" pic via Fictional Characters reading books

Read the books you always wanted to read, but never had the time.

via fictional characters knitting

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Watch reruns of your favorite show. I suggest knit, while watching reruns of your favorite shows.

pic via Friends screencaps

Keep up with blogs you love

Joey wearing all Chandler's clothes pic via Friends screencaps

Play dress up,

pic via Friends screencaps

then organize your clothes and when you'll be able to get out you'll know exactly what to wear.


Unknown said...

LOVE this post, the friends reference is brilliant, I'll definitely be referring to this over the holidays :)

Matter Of Style said...

thank you! :D