Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kisses from Paris : Slimane's tribute to Yves Saint Laurent

saint laurent paris spring 2014 lips print, lips print, diy fashion
Saint Laurent spring 2014 pic via

saint laurent paris spring 2014 lips print
Saint Laurent spring 2014 pic via

The Saint Laurent collection that just walked the Paris runway is very Heidi Slimane and  little Yves Saint Laurent. Love him or hate him he's continuing on the way mapped out since his arrival to the french house: deliver dresses that youth generations want to wear inspired by the world of rock music. For many Slimane is making dresses that sell and he's choosing business over innovation. And what is a fashion show without pure creativity? As fashion enthusiastic we want to see collections that push the limits of creativity a little further, we want to fall in love with clothes we have never seen before and from that moment on we cannot live without, but that's not always easy or profitable for a fashion house to do that.  Let's forget for a second the name of the label  and watch the collection. It's youthful and very wearable with a lot of short dresses for party girls, a lot of black and leather for the dark lady and a few polite suits made sexy is worn with see through shirts (watch the full collection here). It might not being innovative, but maybe it's just what young (rich) girls want to wear now. For Slimane his line is a start over. Forget Yves Saint Laurent, this is Heidi (Saint Laurent). And while we try to find answers to questions like: what should be the difference between a clothing line and a fashion collection? Why can't Slimane have his own line? How hard is it to collect the heritage of a brand and make up-to-date collections? Look at the tribute to Yves Saint Laurent that Slimane put in his latest collection: the dress with the "lips print". Originally designed by Yves Saint Laurent in 1971 the "lips print" becomes a short dress for  2014 and even shiny on the top decorated with sequined lips appliques.

The easiest way to decorate a top with the funny lips print is to buy iron on lips sequin appliques and iron them on  or you can glue a trim of sequins giving them the shape of lips. If sequins are too flashy for you can just draw lips over a t-shirt with fabric markers.
Below you'll find more "lips print" inspiration.

saint laurent paris spring 2014 lips print
Saint Laurent spring 2014 pic via
Yves Saint Laurent 1971 lips print dress
YSL  dress  1971 pic via Artfact

lulu guinness lips purse
Lulu Guinness purse pic via Vintage&Couture
prada s/s 2010 lips print skirt
Prada spring 2010 pic via Searching for Style

Prada smoking lips shoes
Prada Smoking lips shoes pic via Gotham Magazine

Alice&Olivia Resort 2014 lips print skirt
Alice & Olivia resort 2014 pic via dusty burrito
Alice&Olivia Resort 2014 lips print skirt
Alice & Olivia resort 2014 pic via dusty burrito


Sin12012 said...

I love it ! <3

Paula said...

I love the lip decals/pattern - it's so striking and those prada smoking sandals - I die.
Personally I like Slimans collection stylistically but I don't find it at all YSL and wonder if perhaps he should have just made his own label and left Yves alone ;-)
I read a blog post by I Love Meagan where she used red lip stick to make her own kiss pattern on some white jeans - it looked really good.
Link here:

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Matter Of Style said...

@paula that's exactly what I think!
His collection is not bad at all, there are many collections that are wearable and don't pretend to innovate but maybe YSL deserves more, deserve a dream collection!
thanks for the link! :D

MISSRAD said...

How much is skirt