Sunday, September 29, 2013

Easy snakeskin effect manicure DIY

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There are two main reasons why you can't take your eyes off these beautiful amazon shoes; the lace up design and the vibrant bright color that really draws attention. If you want to get your nails under the spotlight, take inspiration from the bold snakeskin print and make your diy manicure. It's surprisely easy and quick to do.

you'll need:

  • nail polish in two colors
  • mesh fabric scrap

If you don't have the exact shade mix nail polish as you would do with paint to get the desidered color.

Paint the mesh fabric with black nail polish.
Lift your stencil.

Put it on the nail, take it off and you've done.
You'll get different patterns any time making the snakeskin effect more realistic.

If you stain your fingers remove the excess nail polish with nail varnish remover or protect your fingers with paper scotch tape.

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Anonymous said...

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Paula said...

Woah! This does look easy - and cool!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.