Monday, July 15, 2013

Sew your tuxedo dress

elle june 2013 cover miley cyrus lanvin dress
Elle cover June 2013 dress Lanvin- pic via
Minimal, sleek and feminine, the tuxedo dress looks like a garment stolen from a man's closet and this is the beauty of this design. It's both minimalist and sexy. It looks like the perfect summer dress to me. You can wear it when you're in a rush and still have a distinctive, contemporary style.
I just found a couple of patterns (white, black) that are perfect to obtain this look.  They are ready to sew, but you can also make some alteration to them. Make it sleeveless and take down the neckline a bit if you want it to look more like Phillip Lim's vest dress  Have fun sewing!
Diane Kruger in Phillip Lim tuxedo vest dress
Diane Kruger in Phillip Lim tuxedo vest dress pic via fabsugar

tuxedo coat dress by Burda patterns
Tuxedo dress patterns by Burda style patterns : leftright


Paula said...

So classy!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Unknown said...

Beautiful post!!

Unknown said...

Great looks. Not sure I could pull them off but it's worth a try!

Necla Şölen said...

follow you.