Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's not the average sheer skirt, DIY it!

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Sheer skirt DIY tutorial -DIY demanta bag - DIY walnut bracelet
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You can renew any skirt from your wardrobe. I sewed mine from scratch and I added a curved edge at the waist.

Featured in almost every spring collection, sheer clothes are a season must have. You can choose how much skin to show according to the occasion and your personal style. Get into the season mood and DIY your unique sheer skirt with a pair of scissors and some sheer fabric. Why shouldn't it be called an average sheer skirt? Because with this technique, that I also used in this man shirt makeover , you can cut the skirt wherever you want and there's no need of any pattern, you're free to make the skirt that you want! I'll show you how. I was inspired by Stella McCartney for the curved hems and the color combination. The skirt I used is a knee-length one made it more interesting by the sheer panel that goes behind the skirt.  Ready to renew a skirt from your wardrobe?

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Inès said...

just in love with that DIY skirt!!! i love your bag too !!
Dear Inès

Matter Of Style said...

Hi Ines, I forgot to write that the bag is a diy tutorial too, here's the link! :D

Ely said...

Ame todo el outfit. La falda es unica es super rara de donde es?

Matter Of Style said...

Hi Ely, I made the skirt! I'm happy you like it!

mtg said...

wow! you never cease to amaze me! This may be my favorite diy of yours!! gorgeous!


Laura said...

I love this skirt! So creative.