Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The classic french manicure with a twist

heart on thumb - see how to make hearts on nails here
metallic french manicure by Paula Shoe-fiend

Maybe you've noticed how much I like metallic nails. We talked about how to get chrome nails and then I used aluminum  foil to make a gold dipped manicure. Some metallic nail polish are nice as well to get the look, they might be not really metal looking, but we can emphasize the effect pairing the metallic nail polish with a solid color. I really liked the blue and silver french mani that Paula of Shoe-fiend put together. I think this metallic french manicure is a nice twist to everyday manicure and can be also a quick fix for a chipped manicure. I added a little heart just on the thumb since they're so easy to do


TSOH said...

It looks great on paper but I feel that because of the colour, it shortens the look of the nail and therefore shortens the look of the fingers :(

Anonymous said...

Grat idea! I have to try it :)

ILLA said...

i prefer the classic french manicure but thank you for the lovely idea!!

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xxx illa :) said...

Wow, this is really an excellent blog post for me. I am a great fan of any fashion tips, dresses, vanity etc :D
I love your post and I just visited and got some new summer fashion and skin care tips, That was really awesome to me. :D
Thanks for your nice and pretty work.

Paula said...

Who's cool purple nails are those? Hey wait ;-)
Thanks for sharing!
I like your gold tips - pink and gold are blinging together :-D

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

randomreally_ said...

That's pretty cool, I'll definitely try it out :).