Saturday, April 13, 2013

This is the 150th DIY

I'm really happy to announce you that this is the 150th DIY. Thanks sooo much for reading and interacting with me and for coming back each time! You can browse all the DIY tutorials from the navigation bar under the title. They're organized by type of clothing and by trend and don't forget to print all the free patterns under the download section also in the navigation bar. To celebrate this special occasion Shabby Apple, lovely shop of vintage inspired clothing kindly offered a gift card for one of you dear readers, so stay tuned because in the next post I'll tell you how to apply to win it.

Today I want to share with you this instant chunky chain bracelet. A chunky closure for a chunky chain. Taken alone they're just stuff from the hardware store, but together they become a perfect (to me) industry looking, rough, manly, piece of jewelry. You need 20 cm of chain, a screw and a matching hex nut and you can make it and wear it all in one gesture.

As I said you can find 150 DIY tutorials in this page, but if you don't want to browse them all you can play with the box below and let the chance take you to a diy you may haven't seen yet. Click Gimme another DIY and to get a  random DIY, then click on the image to view the tutorial.

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Erin @ Thanks, I Made It said...

Congratulations on 150 DIYs! I'm impressed you can keep count! LOVE the closure on this bracelet, and your "gimme another DIY" feature is really cool!

Unknown said...

nice one!! I love your tutorials, hope to find time to try some of them :)
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Unknown said...

Great DIY.!

Unknown said...

Just spotted your blog. Lovely read!

Love this! So cute!

I would love it if you could pop over and have a look and follow me

Love, Suz x

Truebluemeandyou said...

150 DIYS? That's an insanely high number! Congrats! I also love hardware style jewelry and this closure looks really cool.

Anonymous said...

This is nice and really easy! Congrats on your 150 DIY!!

ColoredVogue said...

congratulations on 150th diy
i adore ur diys
they are amazing!!

Paula said...

Congrats!!! 150 is HUGE.
I love this bracelet - how cool would it be if you covered it in neon nail polish? I'm thinking pink or green...
One idea for a DIY (depending on if you've already done it) is a transparent clutch with jewels. I've seen a few kicking around and think you could do a sweet one :-)

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Matter Of Style said...

thanks girls! :D

Unknown said...

Much love,
"You have an awesome blog <3