Monday, April 22, 2013

How to make a rewritable chalkboard bunting with Cut out+Keep

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Rewritable chalkboard bunting with Cat Morley

Today Cat Morley will show us how to make a rewritable chalkboard bunting. I'm really tempted to try this project the next time I throw a party. You do it once and you can use it over and over. You can make it a "happy new year" bunting or a "Happy Birthday bunting". If you're dating two guys you can write "Happy Birthday John" and then the following month write "Happy Birthday Jack", in this case just make sure both guys have the same name lenght...just kidding. You'll find the tutorial in the slideshow below. It goes on by itself but you can also click on the dots below the pics to highlight a specific step.

Cat Morley, along with her boyfriend Tom, is the founder of Cut Out+keep the crafty community in which anyone can share their step by step tutorials. She also joined us in Pick your DIY  making an awesome bow clutch.
If you want to learn more about Cut out+keep and admire Cat and Tom's super organized office and enviable color coded library, watch the video they made with and for Google, they are the stars of Google lasted advert!

  Rewritable chalkboard bunding
  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunting
    Chalkboard bunting by Cat Morley

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunting

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunting
    Start by cutting triangles out of thin wood. We used some scrap shipping wood that came as packaging with a piece of furniture. You can buy wood triangles in craft shops, if you struggle to find a piece that works well. You'll need about 12 triangles to be able to write a nice long message.

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunting
    Paint your triangles with a coat of chalkboard paint and leave to dry.

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunting
    Paint with a second coat of paint and leave to dry again.

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunding
    Punch a hole at either side of the top of the triangle. My wood was thin enough to use a hole punch

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunding
    Loop some string through the hole

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunting
    Secure at the back with a knot and then string through the second hole, securing with another knot.

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunting
    Leave a small length of string between each triangle and continue threading them all on to the string

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunding
    Now the fun part. Write on your bunting with chalk. I used a ruler to give mine a neat outline, but you can decorate yours however you like!

  • Rewritable chalkboard paint bunting
    Chalkboard bunting by Cat Morley


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