Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1 jewel 2 ways to wear it:how to turn a bracelet into an anklet

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Monogram bracelet - DIY anklet

New trends emerge every day. Do we necessarily have to buy new stuff to stay stylish? No.
Let me show you something. This is a little trick to turn a bracelet into an anklet anytime you want.
Anklets are cool right now, they are cool to wear during summer but maybe you already have the perfect bracelet that could be a lovely anklet but unfortunately it's too short to be one. This is a trick to add that extra lenght to your bracelet. It's easy and quick and even better the transformation can be undone in a snap.

the bracelet - a clasp - chain - 2 jumprings
  • Measure the extra lenght you need
  • connect two jumprings at the end of the chain
  • connect a clasp to one end
  • You've already done!
  • Connet the extra piece to the clasp of the bracelet and you've successfully turned it into an anklet
  • Go to the beach to show it!
  • You have now two clasps. Disconnect the extra piece and you've got your bracelet back.
The extra piece can be used to add lenght to any bracelet so if you've got ten bracelets you virtually can have ten anklets.
This method can also be used with other pieces of jewelry as well.

 This is my one of my favorite summer necklace. It's colorful and sparky. It's already a bold piece but I wish I could wrap it twice around my neck to get a even richer effect. Unfortunately it's not long enough to do that.
The trick comes handy again

Here's my richer necklace.


ColoredVogue said...

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That monogrammed anklet/bracelet is so gorgeous! x

Jane said...

So cool !!

Anonymous said...

Cute Idea!

fashion-meets-art said...

oh such a wonderful idea! i love it how creative you are- just perfect for me!
maren anita

Can I invite you to my GIVEAWAY ???:

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Lici said...

Great idea! (love your blog anyway...)

Sylvia Salas - Dare to DIY said...

Love the golden anklet!! Looks so elegants and chic!