Saturday, August 11, 2012

The beetles you'll love

pic via
insects hair pins

precious villians :from up left clockwise  Roberto Cavalli bug brooch - Ioselliani scarab beetle brooch - sapphire beetle brooch - vintage precious beetle
The only insects I can stand are those dipped in gold and decorated with gems. Their natural habitat are vintage shops. If you can beat the fear of having a beetle seated on the collar of your blazer or climbing on your hat these brooch can be a terrific, quirky accessory.
I'll go hunting for some, you should be too!

Ricoperti d'oro e decorati con gemme preziose, ecco degli insetti che sicuramente amerete! Il loro habitat naturale sono i negozi di gioielli e bigiotteria vintage. Se riuscite a superare la paura di avere un coleottero appoggiato sul bavero di una giacca o posato sulla fascia di un cappello allora queste spille saranno un accessorio davvero eccentrico da indossare.


V. said...

Honestly, the first pic is a little bit scary to me :D

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mtg said...

oh, I'm the same way about insects. But I love the gold dipped ones very much. Definitely would not mind one or two on my outfit :)

ABI said...

I love it!! :)