Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pick your DIY : the 7 fashion DIY tutorials you asked for

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Pick your DIY the 7 DIY tutorials you asked for: diy Pom pom shoes - D&G diy rafia dress - diy chanel butterfly bag - diy charlotte olympia kiss shoes - diy ruche bow bag - diy phoenix necklace - diy cross back top

This is it! It's time to see your favorite stuff transformed into a step by step tutorial. You've seen the tutorial I made for you, the pom pom parrot shoes now it's time to unveil my blogging friends step by step instructions to recreate your spring must haves. They are all amazing tutorials. We have a dress, a top, two bags one with butterfly and the other one with bow, pumps and ballerinas, almost an entire DIY warbrobe also incredibly well matchable into rocking DIY outfits. If we all lived in the same place I'd ask my blogging friends to borrow their diy creations. Thank you for taking part to Pick your DIY with your voting and pinning. The Pinterest board will remain open to collect your diy ispirations and desires, join the group if you haven't yet (we're 1108 already!).

A big thank you to my fellow DIY bloggers, the crafty fairies Donatella, Carly, Charley, Cat, Sylvia and Auna for their amazing creations, it's been a real pleasure to collaborate with you.
With all these DIY material, are you still reading? Go buy some diy supply (or look in your stash) and start diy-ing your dream wardrobe now!

Play with the animation below,can you recognize the inspiration from the diy?

Click 2 to view the inspiration
Click 1 to view the DIY tutorials
Click on the images to view the tutorial!

Pick your fashion DIY - how to DIY your favorite fashion must haves

Pick your DIY how diy your favorite stuff

  • DIY pom pom shoes
  • DIY Lace applique dress
  • DIY bow clutch
  • DIY lips ballerinas
  • DIY phoenix necklace
  • DIY butterfly bag
  • Cross back shirt
  • !
  • L.K.Bennett shoes
  • D&G rafia dress
  • Ruche bow clutch
  • Charlotte Olympia shoes
  •  Shourouk necklace
  • Chanel butterfly bag
  • Janice chiffon blouse
  • !


Paula said...

These are all so AWESOME! I love the Sharouk necklace. I still think your POm Pom heels were the best - I'd wear them!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Matter Of Style said...

@Paula thank you! :D I love them, I'm really thankful you found and voted them, I didn't realized how funny they are. They make me smile and, when this rain will be over I cant wait to wear them! :D

Miria said...

che bellissima iniziativa! Me li vado a spulciare!

Anonymous said...

ma come fai ad essere sempre cosi' "avanti"? ho visto la tua animation solo dopo che avevo pubblicato il mio collage!!!! Donatella (la jurassica)

Anonymous said...

awesome DIY's! i love the lace dress one!

Anonymous said...

ballerinas with mouth are the best :)


Unknown said...

this is so cool! :) I've also written something about Fashion DIY! :) what a coincidence!

Great post! :)

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