Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Statement tees

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Fashionable T shirts : Lanvin photographic mannequin silk dress - Kiss me t-shirt - Ain't no wifey t-shirt - Vivienne Westwood I am Julian Assange t shirt
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Blondie tee - Military jacket tee - Cry Baby tee - motorcycle jacket tee
moschino cheap and chic tea shirt
Moschino Cheap&Chic Tea shirt

Jeans and t-shirt, it's the easiest way to put a look together. Those who think that's too casual will have the chance to change their mind. This season tees are all over the place. When she isn't on the runway, Cara Delevigne prefers to wear t-shirts instead of designer dresses. Slogan tees are her favorite and the "kiss me" tee she wore is mine. For Lanvin tees are sophisticated enough for the runway if printed on silk. Vivienne Westwood, master of provocation uses tees to deliver a message, her Pro-Assange tees will raise funds for Wikileaks. You can rely on the easy-going spirit of Moschino cheap and chic, their "tea shirt" is elegant and funny at the same time. What about you? Will you add more tees to your wardrobe this spring?

Jeans e maglietta, non c'è look più facile da indossare. No, non è troppo casual, per la prossima stagione c'è una t shirt giusta per ogni occasione. Quando non è in passerella Cara Delevigne, modella del momento, preferisce le t-shirt agli abiti firmati. Per Lanvin le tee sono abbastanza sofisticate per sfilare in passerella a patto di essere stampate su seta. Vivienne Westwood le usa per diffondere un messaggio, i proventi delle sue magliette Pro-Assange finanzieranno Wikileaks. Possiamo sempre contare sullo spirito scanzonato di Moschino, la blusa stampata "tea shirt" è divertente ed elegante allo stesso tempo. E voi? Aggiungerete altre t shirt al vostro guardaroba primaverile?


Paula said...

I love band tees! But I often find the Unisex neckline is too high and super unflattering. I love the Motorcycle tee!

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Rasa said...

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