Thursday, January 24, 2013

Homemade blush recipe

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homemade blush

I've been a fan of chemistry for long sure that a pharmacy active ingredient is more concentrated than a natural one so it must be more effective. Lately I'm changing my opinion, not that the above statement is wrong, but I'm discovering how effective other products made with natural ingredients can be and in many cases they are more tolerated by skin. Even better some of these products can be made at home so you know what you're putting on your skin.

Today I would like to share with you the easiest way to make a blush at home. My mom discovered this recipe a while ago and when she told me about it I was surprised how easy and cheap it is. If I told you that the white powder we use to finish make up can be done with potato starch?
I hope you'll love this recipe as much as I do.

Sono sempre stata una sostenitrice della chimica convinta che un principio attivo concentrato di un prodotto farmaceutico o cosmetico debba essere più efficace di un prodotto naturale. Recentemente però sto cambiando opinione avendo potuto constatare l'efficacia di alcuni prodotti naturali che sono spesso meglio tollerati dalla pelle. Un'altra ragione per avvicinarvi ai cosmetici naturali è che alcuni potete prepararli in casa e saprete sempre cosa state spalmando sulla vostra pelle.

Oggi vi mostrerò una ricetta scoperta da mia madre qualche tempo fa per realizzare in casa il blush. Quando me ne ha parlato sono rimasta stupita dalla semplicità e velocità del procedimento.

homemade blush, how to make blush at home, beauty recipe, tutorial, diy, beauty diy

You'll need:
  • potato starch
  • pigment (eyeshadow loose powder)
  • a box

  • How to make finish white powder 

White powder is transparent when applied and can be used to finish make up and keep the skin matt all day. Use pure potato starch as finish powder.

homemade blush, how to make blush at home, beauty recipe, tutorial, diy, beauty diy

  • How to make blush at home
Mix potato statch with colored pigment and you've done is just easy as that. Proportions of the two depend on how saturated you want the color.

If want a darker blush you can use all natural ingredients and mix potato starch with cocoa powder. You can use this blush for contouring or as a bronzing powder.

homemade blush, how to make blush at home, beauty recipe, tutorial, diy, beauty diy

  • fecola di patate
  • pigmento colorato
  • una scatola
 La fecola di patate può essere utilizzata da sola come cipria trasparente per fissare il make up e può diventare blush con l'aggiunta di un pigmento colorato, più ne aggiungete più il colore del blush sarà acceso. 
Per realizzare un blush più scuro da utilizzare per il chiaroscuro o come terra abbronzante potete aggiungere alla fecola della polvere di cacao.


Unknown said...

how long does this stay on?

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This is interesting! Didn't know this about potato starch.

Truebluemeandyou said...

Love this! Also love that you can make so many different colors/shades depending on the eye shadow you use. I've posted the top finished photo and a link back to you on my Tumblr truebluemenandyou. Also, you can buy potato starch in the US anywhere - Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods sells it in their line of flours.

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Interesting and helpful! :D

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This is very interesting indeed

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wow! this is very interesting! it can be an absolute money saving too. Thank you for sharing :)

can you post any picture of how it turns out on the face? I'd love to see.

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thanks for sharing - i find all this so interesting x

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@Stephanie with foundation under it lasts long

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What effect does potato starch have on the skin?

Matter Of Style said...

Hi Alyssa, what do you mean?

Matter Of Style said...

it's something taken from the kitchen, it's used for cooking.