Wednesday, January 23, 2013

4 it-bags ruined forever...or not?

fashion week streetstyle, fendi baguette bag, giovanna battaglia, diy, fashion diy
Customized Fendi baguette bag - pic via Nobody knows Marc
chanel bag, 2.55 bag, quilted bag, customized chanel bag, diy, fashion diy
Customized Chanel bag pic via The Coveteur
balengiaga pumpking bag by Grace Coddington, diy,fashion diy
Limited edition "Pumpkin" Balenciaga bag for Vogue fashion night out, drawings of cats wearing Balenciaga are by Grace Coddington

customized chanel bag,chanel bag, diy, fashion diy

You signed up a waiting list then paid a hefty price and finally that it-bag is yours. Now paint over it. It-bags are almost mystical objects: fashion victims show them off with pride and the rich collect them, but in the era of individualism nothing has an absolute value. Even a cult item can be desecrated, customized for arrogance or rebellion, to be different from anyone else. You can take a dangerously permanent felt pen and leave your mark over an iconic quilting to show your personality. Ladies above took the risk, are you brave enough to customize a myth or not? Is it a waste of a timeless piece or tells a story?

Prezzi altissimi e interminabili liste d'attesa tutto per mettere le mani su un oggetto quasi mistico, la it-bag. Le fashion victims le ostentano, gli amanti del lusso le collezionano. Nell'era dell'individualismo nulla però ha un valore assoluto e distinguersi è il nuovo imperativo. Anche un cult come una it-bag può essere dissacrato, personalizzato con una punta di presunzione e di ribellione per rifiutare l'omologazione. Basta un pennarello, pericolosamente indelebile, per lasciare il proprio segno su un'iconica trapuntatura e le borse scendono dal piedistallo per mettere in mostra la personalità del proprietario.
Che ne pensate, personalizzereste una borsa anche se è un mito o è un inutile sfregio di un classico senza tempo?


Miria - Plus... kawaii! said...

nonono, se spendo così tanto per una borsa non corro il rischio di rovinarla! piuttosto sperimento su un modello simile ma economico! XD

Barby said...

If you draw something awesome on it then I think it tells a story but in my case I think it would ruin the whole thing, because my drawing skills are terrible. :)

Lexi J. Bee said...

Creative idea! :)

- Evamaria said...

I think this is amazing way to personalise a bag. If you have an idea, you should just go for it. It will definitely be noticed and if it looks good afterwards, then why not?


Floortje van Cooten said...

Love this!

Lia {Smart n Snazzy} said...

I don't know about you, but I sure as hell can't afford to drop a couple thousand on a bag, and if I could I certainly would not let one scratch get on it, nevermind doodle on it! GAH! A cheap bag, that's one thing. But for these expensive, nearly impossible to get your hands on bags, they're just NUTS!

Acid Dreams and Sugar Highs said...

I love this idea but being flat broke I think if I had one of these bags the last thing I would do is draw on it. Mayeb if I was rich and had a few.

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Anonymous said...

i personally won't do that. i mean, when i -maybe someday finally be able to afford to- buy an expensive bag, i'm buying the design because i really love it, and i want to have it. I will not spend that much of money for something i'm not satisfied at.

It's only for cheaper ones i might want to spice up a little bit. ONLY, if i know what i'm going to do with it, and if i'm sure the result will be better, not worse.

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

I loved it when lady gaga wrote on her Birkin. It's so rockstar.

Ruth Garcia said...

I love the design of those bags.