Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cut out shirt tutorial

Here's the shirt tutorial. I took a real man shirt and then I pinched and pinned it around the waist to make it more fitted. You can choose any shirt and then follow the 3 steps to cut it out.

Come promesso ecco il tutorial per realizzare la camicia con inserti in tulle. Io ho traformato una vera camicia da uomo e ho creato due pence sul davanti per renderla più avvitata. Voi scegliete la camicia che più preferite e seguite i 3 step per trasformarla.

Wear you shirt and mark out with a pin where you want the see throught part to begin. Lay down your shirt and make a loose stitched  line that will help you to cut straight.

Indossate la camicia e appuntate uno spillo sul davanti per segnare il punto da cui iniziare a tagliare. Partendo da lì fate un'impuntura da parte a parte che vi aiuterà a tagliare dritto.

 Cut the shirt : start from the front, go around the shoulder and down to the botton line. Leave 1 cm of fabric around the edge and then fold that edge to obtain a neat border.

Tagliate la camicia: cominciate dal davanti, proseguite intorno alla spalla e poi tornate giù intorno la linea dei bottoni. Ricordatevi di lasciare un 1 cm di stoffa intorno all'area tagliata. In un secondo momento piegate quel bordo ottenendo così un orlo ben rifinito.


Reverse the shirt.
Take your light weighted tulle and pin it over the edge of the cut part.
The good thing is that you don't need any pattern, just pin the tulle on and pay attention that the tulle is well stretched out.
Now sew the tulle on the shirt, cut the excess tulle around the edge and you've done!

Mettete la camicia a rovescio.
Prendete un tulle molto leggero e appuntatelo con degli spilli sulla parte tagliata.
Non vi servirà alcun modello fate solo attenzione che il tulle sia ben steso così non farà pieghe.
Cucite il tulle sulla camicia e tagliate quello  in eccesso ai bordi e avete finito!


Frocktasia said...

Great DIY; this is going in my DIY must-do folder :)
Thanks for sharing...x

My Favourite Fashion Things said...

love the idea

Kate S. said...

This is really cute! I've been thinking about doing a men's shirt with the whole black replaced with mesh. Haven't quite gotten around to it yet though.

Keep up the great DIYs :D


Naughty Baubles said...

This is so cool!! Thanks for sharing..

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Tori said...

Great tutorial!! I am going to try this with a black shirt and some lace I have :) Thanks for sparking creativity!!

Arden said...

Such an amazing top!! Love the sheer part of it xx

Fashion Translated said...

Great DIY -- love it and it looks great!

Fashion Translated

Barby said...

I love love love this tutorial! It's so simple but looks soo amazing! :D

Soccer Mom Style said...

I absolutely love how it came out!!!

Morgane said...

what a lovely DIY!
I love this shirt :) I really need to find time to do DIYs again, I have so many ideas! :)
Must try some of yours as well.



hiPop said...

I need to try this, so easy, yet so chic!