Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The most unconventional Christmas trees ever seen

The most unconventional Christmas trees ever seen
fashionable  Christmas tree/dress via Shellie

Classic or unconventional? It's a big dilemma when we talk about Christmas decorations. For me it's hard to say no to the green tree covered with gold and red ornaments, it just feels like home, but of course there are no strict rules. You'll see below how some creative people tried to innovate the tradition. They kept the shape of the classical Christmas tree as inspiration and made their own version with unconventional materials. The results are fun to watch. My favorite one is the tree made with broccoli and tomatoes, it would be a fantastic centerpiece for the Christmas lunch with relatives.

Lego Christmas tree
Lego Christmas tree via Rust & Sunshine
pillows Christmas trees
pillows Christmas trees via 365 Dagen Kerst

books Christmas trees
books Christmas trees via Kristen McQuilling
Christmas tree painted on blackboard
Christmas tree painted on blackboard  via A Legg up

Broccoli, tomatoes and Cheese xmas tree
Broccoli, tomatoes and Cheese xmas tree via Ally Yinking
8 bit xmas tree
8 bit xmas tree via 9gag
suspended Christmas tree
suspended Christmas tree via be colorful
upside down Christmas tree
upside down Christmas tree via South beach Diamond
candy cookie cones via Coupon Clipping Cook
Macaron Christmas tree
Macaron Christmas tree via the knot

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