Sunday, December 8, 2013

Purrfect xmas ornaments

cat christmas ornaments, gift ideas for cat lovers
Calico cat pattern ornament

Cats, they just love Christmas or at least Christmas decorations. They have fun climbing up the tree, they take ornaments off and then chase them around the living room. They pretend to be the Godzilla of every nativity reproduction, taking down any little statue. They cheer up our days with their goofiness and adorable silliness. If you just can't have enough of them and want to include them in your Christmas celebrations here's a collection of  Christmas ornaments inspired by cats.
Take inspiration for your handmade Christmas decorations or find here the perfect gift ideas for cat lovers.

miniature cat ornaments, cat christmas ornaments
Miniature cat ornaments gift tags

pic via Cats of Christmas

These painted decorations are my favorite,  I just can't pick one, they are all so adorable.

cat nativity set
Cat inside stockings

Santa cat ornaments

Cat ornaments via catsparella
Good cat stockings

Felt cat decorations by Poppy Seed Cats

cat ornaments via Etsy

via squidoo


Divya N said...

Seriously Meow :) super cute

Ely said...

jajajaja los cojines me han hecho mucha gracia, no soy fan de los gatos pero ├ęstas ideas son estupendas!