Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last minute gift idea: DIY a pearl statement necklace

statement diy pearl necklace, gift idea for her

Christmas is almost here, Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes from me and my sister (who modeled for me in the pic above).

Are you running out of time and need the perfect gift idea for women in your life, your friends, your mum, your sister?
Here's the DIY statement necklace you can make in five minutes.
It's made with two rings and two strand of pearls, you can replace rings with vintage shiny brooches, depends what you have at home. No closure required. See the diy tutorial below

You'll need: 

  • Two pearl necklaces
  • Two rings (at least one adjustable in size)
  • a piece of metallic wire.

Put a strand of pearls through one of the rings.

Do the same with the second one. Fasten the ring to the pearls wherever you want along the necklace with a little piece of metallic wire.

Close the necklace on the other side with the adjustable ring. Open it, insert the strands of pearls and close it tight. Since there is no closure be sure that the strand of pearls are long enough to fit the necklace over your head, I used 26 inches long necklaces.
Wear the necklace and keep the rings slightly asymmetrical, not facing each other, but one upper, the other one lower.


Divya N said...

cool - i am curious how does the adjustable ring stay put?

Matter Of Style said...

it stays on because it keeps together the two necklaces, it's like a closure.