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Gift ideas for crafters

gift ideas for crafters
pic above via Mrs Jones

If you've been reading this blog for a while you may have noticed that many of my tutorials require a little or no specific tools. In most glue is a must, sometimes I used a sewing machine, but we also made together necklaces from plastic gum bottles, a bracelet with rocks from the garden, earrings with nail polish and blow drier and so on. It's fun to pick random things around the house and transform them in something wearable.  Many of the tools below aren't strictly necessary, but they will make the life of a crafter easier, so if you're looking for a gift idea for your crafty friend, you can consider the list below.  You can gift a sewing tool to a seamstress or surprise her with a decoupage kit and open to her a new world of possibilities and maybe she discovers a new hobby. Crafters are curious and are always looking for new ways to challenge their creativity.  By the way, you lovely readers are all crafters too, so check the list below to see if there's something you can add to your set of tools.

gift ideas for crafters

  1.  Quilters will like the mini iron to flat small seams.
  2.  What to say about the bias tape maker? Cheap and useful!
  3. A bias tape machine
  4.   A dress form will make the life of a refashionista easier because you can make fit adjustments quicker, drape fabric and so on. 
  5.  An embroidery enthusiastic will appreciate a pair of fine needlepoint scissors.  
  6.  The grommet setter is for those who like to give a rock vibe to their clothes.

gift ideas for crafters
  •  7.  Paper crafters will love paper shapers, available in a variety of shapes. 
  •  8. Aspiring pattern makers will need the french curve to shape armholes and hips curves perfectly on their patterns.
  •  9. For aspiring home decorators, a staple gun will come handy.
  •  10. 11 and 12 Sewing lovers will find useful any sewing machine footer above, there is the ruffler foot, the one for making pin tucks and the gathering foot, they all in my wishlish! When buying these make sure they fit the specific sewing machine.

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