Wednesday, December 18, 2013

33 DIY ideas for your Homemade Holiday

Ruche Homemade Holiday 2013
Painted fruit centerpiece by Ruche page 60

Looking for ideas to make this Holiday truly yours? Have a look at Homemade Holiday, the Ruche Magazine that features every year many crafty ideas to decorate the house for Christmas and inspiring diy fashion tutorials to make your party look unique.
This year Ruche put together 33 diy ideas for your homemade holiday. Get inspired.

P.S. You'll find my pearl statement necklace featured at page 52 , thank you Ruche!

See below some of my favorite DIY from the magazine

faux agate necklace by Gina Michele
Faux agate pendants by Gina Michele page 39

diy bow necklace by Oh lovely things
clever bow necklace by Oh lovely Things page 43

felt ornament by Ruche
Felt ornament by Ruche page 11