Saturday, November 16, 2013

DIY fringe scarf inspired by H&M

diy fringe scarf
diy fringe scarf

Did you shop Isabel Marant for H&M? I didn't join this year but I shopped a few past collections. It's a kind of surreal experience that has a little to do with reason, but with muscles, sweat and adhrenaline. It's not a football match, it's serious shopping. Women queueing outside the store aren't girls,  they are soldiers with a mission, athletes waiting at the starting blocks and when the shop opens, when the scared H&M employees open the doors, no one can stop those girls from having what they want. The queue is still manageble while controlled by bodyguards. Some girls have the right to shop, others don't and have to watch them shopping outside the fence, how cruel! It's the tough rule of the bracelets. Mystical objects conquered by the bravest camping outside H&M. As the prophecy says " One bracelet to shop them all". The competition to grab these bracelets is fierce. Many girls are serial campers, staying among them you will listen to their stories. Someone camped outside apple stores for the launch of the ipad and waited seven hours standing, others camped for a spot front row to a concert, if you're a novice you cannot beat these early risers, but don't give up.When all the owners of the bracelet stop showing off their trophies, their freshly filled shopping bags, everyone can finally shop. It's a fight for the leftovers, a tank or a belt, whatever is it. You can feel it in the air,  no one wants to go home without buying anything. If you waited for long keep calm. Many girls filled their hands with everything they could possibly grab, but they rarely buy everything. Slowly, but steadily even that iconic piece will be back on display. You may now notice some gals lose their savoire-faire and fight tooth and nail to grab that designer piece. Be careful when you put your hands on the prize, the feeling of accomplishment may overwhelm you and you may hear the crowd clap hands in your head as you walk your way to the cashier. A swipe of the credit card seals your victory.  You overcome cold, competition, you rushed, but got a designer piece for free. Well not for free, but it must have been 70% off. Wait, the credit card statement says you spent $299 at H&M for a jacket...

It's shopping, sometimes we get carried away. Words like "limited edition" and "designer" are music to our ears of  fashionistas and H&M knows it well. It's because shopping is also an emotional experience.
One of my favorite pieces from the Isabel Marant collection is the fringed scarf. I had some fun crafting an inspired version in red  that is one of my favorite color of the season.
Are you always rational when shopping? Did you ever regret a purchase?

isabel marant for h m fringe scarf
the inspiration: Isabel Marant for H&M silk fringe scarf

You'll need:

  • 70 x 70 cm  or 30x30 inches piece of fabric (I used jersey fabric) 
  • 280 cm or 120 inches of fringe trim
  • 4 big glue on studs
  • 32 small glue on studs

Cut a 70x 70 cm or 30x30 inches square of fabric.
The size of the scarf can be varied to your needs. You can get a nicely big scarf with these measures that can be wrapped around the neck.

Decide where you want to place the studs and draw your pattern on a piece of paper. You will able to place all the studs exactly where you want and in the same place in the four angles.

Cut the paper and place the studs into the holes. Iron the studs in place.

Remove the pattern and repeat the steps above on the other angles.

diy fringe scarf

Stitch the fringe on the edge of the scarf all around. I used a zig zag stich.

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