Monday, October 21, 2013

13 inspiring knitting patterns for fall

knitting patterns tutorials, 13 inspiring knitting patterns
from left: aran jumper pic via Esquire - Tommy Hilfiger big cable sweater fall 2013 pic via knitting bee - Alexander Wang open lattice cable jumper 2010 pic via shopbop

Feed your inspiration with new knitting patterns. If you're thinking about building your winter wardrobe around few key pieces, choose a garment that will become a staple: a statement jumper.  For those who want to wear their sweater from am to pm I suggest to make a monochrome jumper with textured pattern. Dip into this collection of incredible patterns and make your standout piece.  Some patterns are easier and suitable for beginners (be patience, watch the video and try to make a swatch, knitting patterns are almost all approachable) others are more advanced, but very inspirational; check out below an unbelievable knitted 3d spider.   If you're just starting out and want to explore the relaxing and rewarding experience of knitting read " How to start knitting" here.
And you? What are you knitting for fall?

knitting patterns, basket weave knit stitch
Aran basketweave stitch tutorial by knitting bee

knitting patterns, bat
knitted bat pic via Stitches of Violet
  Advanced stitching - stitch any pattern, these bats are fantastic, perfect for Halloween.

basket weave knit stitch, knitting patterns
diagonal basket knitting pattern tutorial by How did you make this
 Beautiful basket pattern, despite the appereance, it's easy to do! Try it!

knitting patterns, 3d spider knit stitch
knitted bat pic via Stitches of Violet
 A spider? I never thought about stitching such incredible patterns!

tree knit pattern - tutorial by Miss Motleys via Etsy

leopard knitting pattern, knitting patterns
Leopard pattern tutorial by Knitaholic
 Leopard is always on trend.

knitting patterns,loose lattice lace stitch
Loose Lattice Lace stitch pattern tutorial by learn knitting stitches
 My favorite! I want to make a sweater with this pattern as soon as possible.

how to draw a cable pattern, knitting patterns
How to draw a cable pattern- brilliant tutorial by See Eunny Knit
What do you do when you want to make the same pattern seen on a jumper,but you don't have any instructions?? Eunny tells you how to make yours from scratch, brilliant!

knitting patterns, braided lace knit stitch
Braided lace stitch pattern tutorial via Knitting bee
knitting patterns, lazy link knit titch

 Lazy link stitch how to by New Stitch a day

basket weave,knitting pattern
Aran basketweave stich 2 pic via Amstrongs vintage
basket weave pattern tutorial by fiona's place

rhombus knit stitch, knitting patterns
How to knit a rhombus

honeycomb knit stitch, knitting patterns
Honeycomb knit stitch via hello yarn
 Honeycomb stitch video tutorial by Newstitchaday

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Lyn said...

When I was a kid, I loooooved knits (especially if it had lots of colors & glitters haha) , in my puberty I harde knits and now that I'm almost 20 , I'm loving them again ! It's like a cycle haha :) thanks for all the info! xx