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Burberry inspired eyelets and fringes earrings DIY

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Eyelets and fringes DIY earrings
burberry prorsum fall 2013 details
Burberry Prorsum fall 2013

I often appreciate Burberry Prorsum collections and the one that just walked the runway is no exception.
There are so many details that renew the classic Burberry trench and make the collection young and fresh, like sheer pencil skirts or the heart pattern over neutral beige or the metallic details.
I really liked bags and coats decorated with eyelets and fringes and I immediately imagined that detail becoming a  fun pair of earrings.
So here's the DIY tutorial.

La collezione di Burberry Prorsum è giovane e fresca,  piena di spunti creativi come la trasparenza delle gonne, la stampa a cuoricini sui cappotti e i dettagli metallici che spiccano sui toni neutri.
Molto originale l'ampio uso degli occhielli come decorazione di capispalla ed accessori. Un particolare che mi ha colpito più degli altri adatto ad essere trasformato in un divertente paio di orecchini.
Continuate a leggere per vedere il tutorial.


You'll need:
  • 2 eyelets 2 cm wide
  • a scrap of leather
  • scissors
  • glue
  • earring nails and backs

  • 2 occhielli di 2 cm di diametro
  • un ritaglio di pelle
  • forbici
  • colla
  • chiodini per orecchini

Start by applying an eyelet on leather. There is a tool often sold with the eyelets.
Put leather between the top and the bottom part of the eyelet and press everything with the tool You may need to hammer it.

Applicate l'occhiello sulla pelle. Spesso troverete l'applicatore nella confezione d'acquisto.

Cut leather along the edge of the eyelet and then cut it straight down.

Tagliate la pelle lungo il bordo dell'occhiello.

Use scissors to fray the ends.
Glue e piece of leather behind the eyelet and trim the edge.

Sfrangiate la pelle con le forbici.
Incollate un pezzetto di pelle dietro l'occhiello e rifilate il bordo.

Glue an earring nail on the back and you've done. Have fun wearing your new pair of earrings!

Incollate il chiodino. Uscite con il vostro nuovo paio di orecchini!


Melislicious said...

It's really a great idea!!!
I don't like wearing big earrings but this item is useful, I can make a DIY bag, leather collar necklace with it.
Thnx for sharing:)))

Sugar Lane said...

awesome idea!
Corset GIVEAWAY on my blog!

Truebluemeandyou said...

I absolutely love these - black, gold, and modern! I tell my readers that one of the tools I own is an eyelet maker and I use it quite a bit. I've posted one finished photo and a link back to you on trueblue.

Matter Of Style said...

Thanks @Mel, cannot wait to see your version!

Thanks @Sugarlane

thanks @trueblue! Glad you like them ^__^

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Carmen said...

Really cool DIY, I really like the outcome :)
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Thank you so much!

Matter Of Style said...

@Carmen just voted for you, good luck!