Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Buy or DIY: porcelain inspired fashion

cavalli resort 2013, porcelain, diy, fashion diy
Cavalli Resort 2013 all pics via The Terrier and Lobster
I always like Roberto Cavalli collections. Prints are bold, looks are striking, he is a master of animalier prints and I think that any woman should have at least a leopard dress in her closet.
For Resort 2013 collection Roberto Cavalli took inspiration from porcelain patterns. Get these masterpieces in store or DIY your own porcelain inspired version.

cavalli resort 2013
Roberto Cavalli porcelain dress- stretch dress - blazer - trousers

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China blue painted trousers DIY tutorial

More Roberto Cavalli Resort 2013 collection below

cavalli resort 2013

cavalli resort 2013, shoes, accessories
cavalli resort 2013, shoes, accessories, flamingo necklaces
I love animal inspired jewelry, these Flamingo necklaces are amazing!


Unknown said...

Love this print, I would love to have a blazer with that print. The shoes are also really special. And not the mention the necklace, I'm sure this will be your next project :)

Andreja said...

wow! this is amazing!


ABI said...

I absolutely agree with you!! I love those necklaces!! :)xx

ABI said...

I absolutely agree with you!! I love those necklaces!! :)xx

Carmen said...

Love this print for clothes!

Unknown said...

this is cool!

browngirlnextdoor said...

I'm always coveting porcelain print anything. Your tutorial was awesome too, never seen one like that before!

Lexi J. Bee said...

Really pretty:)

fashioningmylife said...

Love this post. Very nice selection! This blue color is amazing.