Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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Intaglio necklace free pattern

Dear crafty readers, how are you?
Have you downloaded any of my free patterns lately?

Marisa kindly told me that she had problems with it. Thanks for letting me know Risa, I tried to understand why and I discovered that Scribd, the platform I used to upload the free patterns, have just changed the terms of its services (without letting me know) and now asks to be registered to download the patterns.

Don't worry, all my free patterns will be free forever, I just moved them to Google and now you can easily enjoy and print them at home as usual. If you'll ever have problems with it just give me a shout! ;)

 Browse all the free patterns here and you'll find also all the relative tutorials.

or choose one below

Speaking of changings you can now find a whole new navbar under the Blog title.
You can now browse all the DIY Tutorials by categories and by trend, so you can quickly find all you need, I hope you'll like it.
Thanks for reading this blog, your comments really warm my day!


Unknown said...


Melislicious said...

I'm trying to make a leather cut out necklace but it's hard to make it with a genuine leather, I guess I'll make easy one, maybe with spikes:))
thanks for sharing!

Matter Of Style said...

@Melislicious try with eco leather,you can find the one that's stiff enough

Bajanbreeze said...

Awesome....thank you for correcting the free pattern appreciate it...


Ely said...

OMG!!!!! I was waiting for it!!!!

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