Saturday, October 20, 2012

DIY idea: the Peplum Belt

peplum belt,asos
Asos peplum belt
peplum belt, h m
H&M peplum belt

Peplum tops and skirts are here to stay. They've been very popular last spring and they're in fall collections as well maybe because that frill around the waist gives a feminine touch to any outfit.
How can we transform a skirt into a peplum skirt? It only takes a circle of fabric and you can do it in one hour.
Today I want to show you an even quicker way to trasform any outfit into a peplum outfit just with an accessory: the peplum belt.
The on/off peplum can temporary transform your clothes and you'll simply take it off when your relashionship with peplums will be over.
I bet it's not difficult to DIY,  we can just glue a circle of leather around the waist.
While you're thinking how to customize your belt have a look at the detachable peplum that Tasha made.

La baschina, una delle protagoniste della passata primavera continua a imperversare anche in l'autunno. Sarà forse perchè quel volant scampanato dà un tocco di femminilità in più al look. Come trasformare una gonna in una gonna peplum? Basta un cerchio di stoffa e potete farlo in circa un'ora. Oggi però voglio mostrarvi un accessorio che sicuramente piacerà ai fan della baschina: la cinta peplum che aggiungerà quel volant femminile ad ogni look che volete.  La baschina on/off è un'idea intelligente perchè la trasformazione del capo è solo temporanea e ci permette di tornare indietro quando di baschine ne avremo avuto abbastanza. Realizzarla non è difficile, basterà incollare un volant ad una cinta, mentre pensate a come personalizzare la vostra cinta guardate il peplum rimuovibile realizzato da Tasha..


Taide said...

Lovely idea! I love the one from H&M

Melislicious said...

I love the one from H&M too, and I'm thinking about doing this:))

Unknown said...

I'm going to try out the ASOS one ASAP.
Wld post it on my blog. Funny, was talking to my sister about a detachable peplum right after I did a detachable DIY tutorial on my blog! Ds is too cool!
Now I regret not doin it then lol!

Mlle W said...

Actually, I received the same belt in the mail...if you DIY it the ponyhair structure is superamazing & quirky :D

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute idea.
xx Tanya

Jenny said...

Ohhh this peplum belt looks great.


PS.: Great blog. Maybe we could follow each other?

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

that's an interesting idea! I wish peplums were more flattering though :)