Friday, July 6, 2012

5 summer nail trends you need to try

louboutin nails
caviar manicure
Caviar manicure - inexpensive version with cupcake sprinkles and lots of top coat via pinterest
nail ring
Nail ring
metallic nail tip
metallic tips via pinterest
shaded nails, ombre nails, gradient nails
shaded nails - Diy tutorial here
The shaded nail manicure has been for a long time my favorite. It's perfect for summer and it can be done in any color. I'm impatient to try the other manicures!


Sugar Lane said...

great inspiration!
louboutins look awesome, and i keep searchin for caviar pearls...

Anonymous said...

joy türk dinle

Natalia said...

que bonitas imagenes, que inspiracion , la de las uñas loboutin me encantan pero... como te lo quitas luego por dentro?jajaj
besitos feliz finde!

shopnowsavelater said...

Loving all the above inspiration! The caviar manicure looks really cool! I will deff try a few of these manicures!

xoxo TY

Anonymous said...

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Matter Of Style said...

@sugar lane
you can find the caviar nail polish at sephora
here's the link

Matter Of Style said...

@un matcha frappè por favor

it's easier to paint the inside the nail with a tiny nail brush

mtg said...

I wonder if metallic contact paper would work for those metallic tips?! lol

Matter Of Style said...

@Maya that's a great idea!
I have to try it! :D

Unknown said...

nail ring?? I want! <3