Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's new and cool: 4 new shoe designers you need to know

max kibardin, shoes, shoe designer
Max Kibardin

 Max Kibardin started his carreer as a model but his passion for fashion was so strong that he gave up his studies in architecture to become a shoe designer. His inspiration comes from italians 60's movies and his  ambition is to create shoes of a timeless elegance.

gianvito rossi, shoes, shoe designer
Gianvito Rossi

 Shoes are in his genes. Gianvito Rossi is the son of the famous Sergio Rossi. He started his own line in 2007. His shoes are modern, feminine, innovative but with a classic elegance.
alejandro ingelmo, shoes, shoe designer
Alejandro Ingelmo
Working out of his Soho-based studio in Manhattan, Ingelmo mingles the Cuban influences of his heritage with a directional New York edge.
jerome rousseau, shoes, shoe designer
Jerome Rousseau
Modern art, European design, pop culture and nightlife are some of Jerome’s inspirations. “I initially think in terms of shape, silhouette and structure when I design. It’s later on that I bring fashion in the equation”.

Make some room in your heart for your new favorite shoe designer. These are some of the most talked about shoe designers of the moment. They're young with a strong sense of style. Their shoes are innovative but don't forget the importance of the classical style. Get excited about their creations (as I am) and start collecting them: they are the new must haves.

Giovani e pieni di talento, sono una nuova generazione di stilisti della calzatura destinata a fare breccia nel nostro cuore. Le loro creazioni, innovative e molto eleganti, sono già da tempo diventate le preferite di vip e collezionisti delle calzature.


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Mlle W said...

Keeping those names in mind


The Fashion Commentator said...

Max Kibardin penso sia uno de migliori in circolazione al momento. Riesce a passare dal minimalismo al barocco con grandissima facilità. Belle anche le scarpe da uomo che fa ogni tanto, sia per forma che per materiali.

Alessandro -

JLTFK said...

I love this! Are you planning to DIY your own?

Paula said...

All these shoes are crying out for a DIY session! What I wanna see is a tutorial of the red glitter heels on your blogs banner ;) ;)

Matter Of Style said...

@JLTFK and @paula I know I'm tempted to diy them!
The red chiffon shoes by Max Kibardin are on top of my list!