Monday, April 16, 2012

#DIY bloggers Fashion Week

We are proud to introduce you the 
                                                                    What we liked
                                                                    What we coveted
                                                                    WE MADE IT.
                                                                    We'll show you how!

For 1 week
6 DIY bloggers
with 6 DIY tutorials
will join forces to feed your DIY inspiration.
We'll show you how to follow spring trends and renew your wardrobe DIY style.
Every day for a week a new DIY tutorial will be unveiled here on Matter Of Style.
Sharpen your DIY tools, the #diy bloggers Fashion week is starting on Wednesday!

We hope to entertain you!

Per una settimana
6 DIY bloggers
con 6 DIY tutorial
uniranno le forze per inondarvi di informazioni su come rinnovare il guardaroba secondo i trend di stagione.
Ogni giorno per una settimana scopriremo un nuovo tutorial.
Munitevi di colla, affilate le forbici, la settimana del fai da te della moda comincia Mercoledì!


kuti said...

aaaah.. i wish i could come.. but how if the situations like me.. far away, not in the country you already mention?? how do i know the tutorial??will you make it by online too?? hehe.. sorry for so many questions and thank you..


Matter Of Style said...

Hi Kuti, sorry if I wasn't clear, tutorials will be online, here in this page as usual, the difference between this week and my regular blogging posts is that we'll meet other diy bloggers!
I make one tutorial, the other 5 will be made from other diy bloggers
we'll meet new friends! :D

Anonymous said...

adorooooooooooooo! *__*
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Bonnie Mardy Bon said...

can't wait! :)

out of order said...

ooh I'm excited to see what's in store!! <3


Unknown said...

Finalmente una "settimana di *qualcosa" utile non solo all'ostentazione!!


mtg said...

Can't wait to see everyone's DIY's.

Samatha said...

Can you please post all the “Do it yourself” stuffs that every blogger is going to share? I’m very excited to see what everyone’s got to share.
-Samatha@Men Suits

Matter Of Style said...

@Samantha each day I'll unveil a new DIY!

Diyvine said...

Wowww!! what fun!!

shopnowsavelater said...

This was very interesting! Very fun! theses ladies are very creative and talented! xoxo TY