Sunday, March 4, 2012

Neon glowing rope necklace DIY

on night light
On day light

I made this necklace putting the neon and the rope trend together. I wanted to make a fun statement necklace so I added a little something: the glowing effect so my necklace lights up at night. The rope I bought for this project is very beautiful: shiny and silky. In order to keep this effect I painted only one side of the rope with glowing paint so the necklace is the double faced. I can wear the white side during the day, turn it and wear the yellow side at an happy hour with friends and see it glowing during the evening, basically it's 3 necklaces in one.

Ho realizzato questa collana ispirandomi al trend neon e aggiungendoci un elemento in più: una vernice fosforescente che illumina la collana di notte. Siccome la corda con la quale l'ho realizzata è lucida e setosa ho deciso di dipingere la collana solo da un lato ottendo un accessorio double-face. Potrei indossare la collana bianca durante il giorno, girarla dal lato giallo per l'aperitivo e vederla accendersi man mano che la giornata volge alla sera. Che ne dite? Vi piace?

2 metres of  rope - glow in the dark paint
2 metri di corda - vernice fosforescente
I tied the rope: this is a flower celtic knot, see the tutorial below
Ho annodato la corda realizzando un nodo a fiore, guardate il tutorial qui in basso

and then painted it
e poi l'ho dipinta


Very Verace said...

Wow!!! i really wish i could buy your amazing projects!

Zuzankita said...

it looks amazing!

Diyvine said...

What a great idea! I love it! Do not miss the shorts I've done this week! I leave the link and I hope you like

MissBoomBaby ♥ said...

mi piacerebbe imparare ad annodare ma sono negata :p bellissima idea, mi piacciono sempre i tuoi progetti!

Grace (The Stripe) said...

Great idea - LOVE the knot - so fantastic!

mtg said...

Love this!

Halktan Biri said...

ı love your idea!!

Unknown said...

That's a nice idea! I should surely try it out. Thanks for sharing

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