Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY idea: Alicia Keys metal collar

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Even if I couldn't watch the Grammy awards yesterday, today I couldn't avoid to have a look at the red carpet. Alicia Keys bring's today diy inspiration. She sported a v-shaped gold metal collar. It's an unsual  shape compared to the popular peter pan collars we've seen recently. This collar can easily be copied following the metal petern pan collar tutorial. Just cut the collar in a v shape!

And now let's make some gossip. Who was the best dressed in your opinion?
See the Grammy Awards red carpet here
I think Rihanna was the best dressed. I saw a lot of beautiful dresses like Paris Hilton's, Carrie Underwood's and Taylor Swift's but Rihanna looks simply stunning in her Armani dress and Louboutin pumps. On the other hand, I didn't like the Nicki Minaj look. I know her style is always loud but I think she missed the chance to wear a beautiful dress. That red cape was not flattering at all. Plus after Gaga meat dress it's very hard to "shock" the audience.

Anche se noi in Italia non abbiamo seguito i Grammy Awards, non ho potuto fare a meno di guardare i look del red carpet. Alicia Keys ha indossato una collana in metallo dorato molto scenica. Per copiarla basterà seguire il tutorial del colletto in metallo ritagliando la forma in feltro a forma di v.

Cliccate qui per guardare i look della serata. Chi secondo voi è stata la meglio vestita?
Rihanna è stata sicuramente una delle più eleganti. La star del pop ha scelto di indossare un abito molto sexy che esalta la sua bellezza.
Nicki Minaj invece perde l'occasione di indossare un abito elegante e sceglie invece una tunica rossa di ispirazione religiosa tentando il "momento gaga". Purtroppo Nicki, dopo il vestito di carne di lady Germanotta, non è facile attirare l'attenzione!

grammy awards 2012,grammy awards red carpet,diy,fashion diy,metal collar, rihanna
grammy awards 2012,grammy awards red carpet,diy,fashion diy,metal collar, nicki minaj
Nicki Minaj "Gaga moment"


Unknown said...

Ehehehe I watched a little yesterday and as soon as I saw Alicia's necklace I was thinking hmm I'm sure Alessia will come up with the idea how to make this :D

It's so nice! I like that it's different shape like we are used to, like you said.

Mercedes Morales said...

I think that Nicki Minaj try to be like Lady Gaga... and i hate it

Uma Mageswari Preve said...

Alicia's necklace is pretty.... Rihanna is so beautiful. Love her hair!

Little Miss Shoeshine said...

I think this poor lady got her outfit delivered was meant for Lady Gaga...just look at her face, she is so unhappy ;) xx


out of order said...

I didn't watch, but I love the necklace! and I am now also obsessed with that floral print blazer in your sidebar, gasp!