Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wrap sequin skirt with rounded hem DIY

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The sequin fabric I used to make the Peter Pan collar was just too cute and I had to use it again so I made this sequin wrap skirt with a rounded hem. Since sequins on this particular fabric are stitched on tulle I also lined it in pink. I hope you'll enjoy this DIY. If you like to wear sequins click to read my tips to wear sequins.
See how I made it!

Ho usato la stessa stoffa in paillettes del colletto Peter Pan per realizzare questa gonna a portafoglio con l'orlo arrotondato. Vediamo come l'ho realizzata e se amate indossare le pailettes cliccate per leggere i miei consigli su come indossare le paillettes.

You'll need a rectangle piece of fabric "skirt lenght" tall and "1,5 x hip width" wide.
Vi servirà un rettangolo di stoffa alto quanto la lunghezza della gonna e largo 1,5 volte la larghezza fianchi.

Piegate la stoffa a metà e ritagliate il profilo arrotondato
This is how the skirt looks like once lined
Visto che le mie paillettes sono cucite su tulle ho foderato la gonna.
Open your rectangle now 
Aprite il vostro rettangolo
Fold one side
Ripiegate un lato
Now the other. Pay attention: the intersection of the two sides, the rounded hem, must be at the middle.
Poi l'altro. Fate attenzione che l'orlo arrotondato cada al centro. Cucite come indicato.

Cucite un elastico sul dietro della gonna assicurando un fitting perfetto intorno alla vita!

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Unknown said...

Super cute!!


Beth said...

love the shine of all sequins : )

Val - A Cleaner Closet said...

I LOVE this. I've had a DIY wrap skirt on the brain for awhile but haven't gotten around to making it - this is perfect motivation! The finished product is so cute!


Zane said...

it's wonderful, thanks for sharing

Katrine - make it and fake it said...

This is so cute, i love the rounded hem!

love K

fashioneggpplant said...

love this DIY, thanks for sharing! :)

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Anonymous said...


I've just made one following your instructions. Turned out super-cute! I've used black sequinned tulle and lined it wth grey satin.

Greetings from Heidelberg

Matter Of Style said...

@Fubsy glad you liked and great choice of colors! If you will ever blog about your diy skirt give me the link and I'll share it with everybody! ^__^

Era Chandok said...

his is so cute! your blog is so darling