Monday, December 26, 2011

How to wear sequins

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This is the time of the year when sequins are never over the top. If you plan to wear a sparkly dress on new year's eve here are some quick tips to wear sequins with confidence without look overdone.

  1. Dose sequins wisely: If you wear a dress covered in sequins don't match sequinned accessories like bags or shoes.
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    Clutch Nordstrom Brogues :topshop. sequin shoes Lanvin, pink sequin shoes Miu Miu
  2. Skip jewelry or wear small bijoux
  3. Sequins are not only evening wear. Wear them during the day matching them with jeans and blazer sequin shoes, sequin bag, sequin accessories,how to wear sequins, how to wear sequins day,day wear
  4. Wear sparkly make up and nails. If you're too shy to wear a sequinned dress enlight your look using a sparkly manicure or glitter eyeliner
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Pupa nail polish - Urban decay eyeliner  - MAC glitter pot

Le feste natalizie sono il periodo perfetto per indossare un look illuminato da paillettes. Se anche voi avete deciso di stupire con abito di strass ecco alcuni veloci consigli per non esagerare.
  1. Dosate le paillettes. Se indossate un abito in paillettes non abbinatelo ad accessori anch'essi coperti di paillettes come scarpe e borse.
  2. Non indossate gioielli o sceglieteli piccoli
  3. Le paillettes non sono solo un indumento da sera ma possono essere indossate anche il giorno sdrammatizzandole con un jeans e un blazer.
  4. Illuminate il make up. Se pensate che un abito ricoperto di paillettes sia eccessivo per il vostro stile potete illuminate il make up con smalti e eyeliner glitterati.


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