Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Milano fashion week: my report part 2

The report from Milano fashion week continues...

Entering Versace palace feels like entering a temple, the sanctuary of the Medusa that stares the invited taking their seats from enlighted arches. There was a lot of electricity and excitement in the air from the upcoming show. The models started to appear on the catwalk and every look was a killer one. This is a celebration of Versace style: studs,colors and prints are mixed together to create a number of breathtaking dresses. The colors are:white, black,mint,yellow and light blue.The theme is the sea so sea stars and seahorses both decorate the cloths. Dresses are really feminine and sexy: they are either tight to follow and enhance women curves or  floaty with deep slits. Models look like both like greek goddesses and like Donatella clones. Most dresses are heavy covered with studs but the effect is not punk or aggressive (except for the black dresses) is more an heavy embellish that give an idea of extreme luxe.
As Donatella Versace appeared there was an ovation and she walked down the catwalk with confidence among the claps.
Omg she has the tiniest waist!...just saying.

Another much awaited show (more crowded than a rock concert!) was Blumarine. The collection is all about flashy,saturated colors and 80s kitsch.  Plastic flowers have the leading role, they cover shoes and entire dresses. Orange, pink,yellow and white are dazzling. The concept of sensuality and its symbols are taken to the extreme: flowers are big and cover most shoes and dresses, lips are used as a pattern, colors are bold and dresses are tight. The 80s are quoted often: there are funny leg warmers, mini motorcycle jackets, neon colors and mini pouches attached to belts! It a colored,funny, excessive collection, I mean, there are furs for summer!
The details I liked more were the rafia trimming onto the skirts and the rafia bags, they really make me think of summer. The plastic flowers are funny too (and so diyable) and I liked them more onto the dresses that on shoes and I definitely wouldn't mind a small jackets covered with flowers.

This is a view of the set of Gabriele Colangelo show. Colangelo is one of the young designer who showed his collection during Milano fashion week. His collection is wearable and artistic at the same time. His dresses look like walking paintings. The inspiration is the sunset at the sea and its colors: white, pink,blue,yellow.
What I like of Colangelo design is that the focus is on new fabrics and materials more than on shapes. This time fabrics are translucent, rarefied or printed, they really look like water.


Unknown said...

wonderful post!

Matter Of Style said...

thanks rachel! :)

Unknown said...

This is awesome! I want to go as well:) Great post.




Ingrid said...

Wow, great post. Can tell it took you time. So much to look at. The Versace colors are beautiful!!! Fashion in europe is amazing. Have you heard of Jean-Michel Cazabat? Great shoes...I just did a post on my blog!

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Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

It's fantastic to read a firsthand report about the shows. It's like a little sneak peek into a world that I'd never get the opportunity to see. Thank you for sharing.


Matter Of Style said...

@Ingrid @Chocolate cookies&candies Hi and welcome! thanks for your comments, I really wanted to fix my impressions with this post! :D