Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY idea: paint your brogues

Vans trainer shoes

These shoes are trainers dressed like brougues. These are sold by Vans but hey wouldn't be cool to transform our trainers into brogues using a sharpie?

Le scarpe di Vans sono delle trainer travestite da brogues. Perchè non trasformare anche le nostre tennis in scarpe british utilizzando un pennarello permanente (o per la stoffa)?


out of order said...

those shoes are great! right now I'm turning an old pair of oxfords into gold and black sparkly saddle shoes :)


MissBoomBaby ♥ said...

non indosso scarpe da ginnastica ma le trovo davvero simpatiche :D un'idea da copiare per chi ama il genere!

fashion suicides said...

This is actually a super idea! I'm going to try this soon...


Unknown said...

Yes it's a good idea! They look great!

Geneva Vanderzeil said...

cute! good idea.

Anonymous said...

This is such a fabulous idea! Love it!


Anonymous said...

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