Thursday, September 29, 2011

Milano fashion week: my report:

Today I'm here to tell you I went close to the source of style and fashion, where all the trends come to life: this year I had the incredible opportunity to take part to the extraordinary and glamourous Milano fashion week. I had the chance to attend some of the hottest shows and to snap a few pictures of streetstyle fashion. You can imagine how exciting it was: I had a big smile on my face all the time. Below you'll find some of the pics I took and during the next few days I'll review in detail the shows.

Spain is the inspiration, women becomes toreadores with heavy embellished jackets, sensual mujeres with flowers headbands and cowgirls covered with fringes. The hippy, painted leather jacket is a tribute to the playful creativity of Franco Moschino.

The photographers in front of the runway ready to snap the model looks
Here the competion for a good spot is fierce and when the show is about to start they all scream: "get out of the way!" to everyone in their trajectory and "brava!" to the models that esitate a little before turning around allowing them to snap a good picture.

Antonio Marras

still color block but in matching tones

see through: another keyword of the next spring summer

aren't these furry pointy shoes cute? I think they're more wearable compared to those by Alexander Wang fall 2012 
a poccible diy: a small piece of fur could be glued onto a clip to create an on/off fluffy embellishment for shoes


A view of Etro show scenery, a white space interrupted by colored pillows in a variety of different patterns!
Veronica Etro inspiration were the twenties and their flapper dresses but there's nothing retro on the runway, the clean lines of the roaring years are taken to the present and made alive by a countless number of beautiful patterns: colored,beaded and black and white. All the dresses become tridimentional with fringes that move as the models step forward.


Anonymous said...

Good photos!

Flounces and Slashes said...

fur shoes DIY from the video Natalia Kills- Mirrors

comments appreciated!

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Waaa your so lucky! :D