Sunday, September 18, 2011

Leopard scupture necklace DIY

I couldn't stop thinking at Raspini's necklace. How could I make a similar one on a budget? One day the answer came into my mind: using a belt buckle! They come in various shapes and I chose this gold leopard to adorn my neck. I used a piece of fabric and a few beads to make the collar and then I added a closure!

La collana di Raspini è un vero capolavoro! Con un po' di ingegno e creatività si può realizzare una collana altrettanto imponente con una fibbia per cintura. Le fibbie per cintura sono disponibili in molte forme, io ho scelto questo leopardo dorato come centrale. Ho poi utilizzato un ritaglio di stoffa e una manciata di perle dorate per realizzare il resto della collana.

the belt buckle
I folded the piece of fabric

I inserted the fabric into the buckle and blocked it with metallic wire
I added the beads  
and the closure is the final touch!


Unknown said...

omg this is such a great idea! Great job! It looks gorgeous! :)

Flounces and Slashes said...

i was going to do this too!
amazing idea!

Diyvine said...

Hola!! I love the necklace, and with that as Cartier leopard! My DIY this week is a necklace inspired by D & G colecctión. I leave the link and I hope you like!

Taryn said...

Great idea, I love this, always looking for unique ways to use vintage broaches, too =)

mtg said...

Very creative. Love you final result even better than the original. Honestly.

Flounces and Slashes said...

im gonna so do something like this for my blog
my Swarovski Crystal Heels are finished!

temme if you like it!And please spread the word if you do!

The Sydney Girl said...

I love it!!!!! fab job hunni!
the sydney girl

Morgane said...

Haven't checked your blog for a while because of the wedding, but how I missed your DIYs!!! This one is really gorgeous and so easy to make! I love it!



Matter Of Style said...

Welcome back Mrs Morgane!!
Congratulations for the wedding!!
Cannot wait to see your DIY wedding dress!!