Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big news: H&M patners with Versace

For those who missed the news yesterday, the retail chain H&M has revealed who is going to be the next designer collaborating with them and the designer is...(drum rolls) VERSACE!!!
Versace means glamour,excess,luxury!
I'm so exited! I alredy made room in my wardrobe! Can you believe the mass will have the chance to own a piece of history of fashion! It's a girl dream came true! I'm virtually already standing in the line outside the shop! This news are going to effect my sale expenses! I have to save for a Versace!
The collection will be in shops the 17th of November. There will be 40 pieces in the woman collection and 20 for menswear plus there will be a collection for home like bed sheets and pillows!
Donatella Versace is thinking big and she will patner with H&M even for a spring 2012 collection that will be available online only for those countries where H&M ships to the 19th of January (not Italy at the moment  H&M must fix this asap!).

Here's a little preview!!
  Versace VS H&M 
this is one dress from the H&M collection!!

how amazing is the studded jacket and what about the skirt?
i'm already mad for the shoes!!


shopnowsavelater said...

YESSSSSS i heard about the news yesterday and i'm still stoked but very much excited! I definitely see my self camping out on line for this one! Lanvin missed me because of work this one isn't! NO way in Hell am i missing a Versache collection!

Matter Of Style said...

I know!
I already put my eyes on the studded jacket and the shoes!
why do we have to wait until november?

Halktan Biri said...

very fun and cool blog <3