Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DIY the floppy hat

the inspiration

I think that the floppy hat,suggested by YSL for the past winter,is still a top accessory this season. A dramatic accessory can make an outfit so the hat becomes extremely wide and almost covers the face.
Yesterday i wanted to try to do a floppy hat at home.
The process of making the pattern was very pratical and immediate.
This is just a possible way to do it. You can even take a hat you already own and copy the pattern.
I took a small plastic bag and i worn it like a hat (i know this sounds silly)
then i took the paper scotch and i've started rolling it around my head
this gives the shape of your head to the plastic bag
as you can imagine the use of the plastic bag is critical if you don't want to remove your scalp and end up having a bald hairdo like britney during her mad days.

this is the scotch cap,measure the edge of it

now we have to make the 3D cap flat to be able to cut the fabric

trace a semicircular shape on both side of the cap
cut these shapes and slice them to make them flat

now copy these shapes on a new piece of paper making the borders rounded

now you have the cap pattern
cut 2 semicircular shapes and one rectangular and sew them
for the brim:it's just made of 2 concentric circles
to draw this shape:the smaller circle has a radius obtained dividing the circumference of your head by 6.28(example my circumference is 58 cm so r=58/6.28=9.2 cm)
the bigger circle radius depends on how wide you want the hat.
If you want a big floppy effect try a width of 18 cms so draw a circumference with a radius that is the smaller radius plus the width of the brim R=r+18 (my hat has a R=9.2+18=27.2cm)

now sew this piece of fabric to the cap and if you like you can stiffen the brim with a layer of two of iron on adhesive canvas you've done!

share your thoughs!


Unknown said...

Wow I didn't know you can do a hat like this at home...but looking at this it looks simple :D Really always...I want to try in now :D

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

So much fun!! Perfect for the summer.

Thanks for the compliment about my hair. :)


Matter Of Style said...

go Barby! and let me see the result! :D