Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY bow draped skirt

the inspiration

If you have been reading this blog for a while you may know that a draped skirt was on my to do list and today i come back to you with a tutorial.
i've done a simple skirt and then with a rectangular piece of fabric i've decorated its front.

What do you need:
  1. a skirt
  2. a rectangular piece of sheer or lightweighted fabric (i've used a 1,5x1 m piece)
  3. a mannequin or the help of a friend (go here to figure out how to make a mannequin with less than $20,i made my own,it's not pretty but it works fine)
Let's start:
  1. let your friend wear the skirt or put it on your dress form
  2. pin the rectangular piece of fabric on the skirt,the widest side goes around the waist,leave the same amount of fabric at each side

3. at the centre or the panel, with the hand squeeze the fabric up till the waist and pin it

4. the rectangular is now pinned at the centre
5. you have some excess fabric at the waist
6. take the edge of the rectangular and pull it up,as you do it bigger ripples take form and the front edge becomes rounder;
you'll find in your hand a "bunny ear" shaped piece of fabric; to make the front edge rounder pull more fabric from the movable edge

pin it to the back of the skirt (you can decide where if nearer to the front or all on the back)
repeat points 6 to 8 at the other side

if you see pointy edges at the end of the draping (this depends on the width of the rectangular piece of fabric)cut them and give to the hem a rounded shape
and you have your bow shaped draping
  1. now sew the panel over the skirt at the waist line,the bow and the borders,cut the excess fabric (those bunny ears)

what do you think?


peggy said...


Amalia Athanaeleas said...

Darling this is so amazing on two levels. The skirt is to die for; I absolutely love it! Secondly, I *must* make my own dress form now!!! You are, once again, a genius :)

Unknown said...

This is soo beautiful!! You are soo talented, really amazing. :)

I must try and make something like this. Thanks for sharing :)

Can't wait to see the next thing you will make.

p.s. I've awarded you with two awards, check them out on my blog

Have a nice day,

D.I. said...

il tuo blog è meraviglioso, il miglior blog di diy che conosca!!!
adoro i tuoi tutorial...
probabilmente nn fai tutorial su è da un po' che penso a realizzare dei pantaloni a vita alta, morbidi, simili a quelii che belen ha indossato a sanremo (moschino). purtroppo sono negata nella pianificazione, così se ti va...
sei bravissima!

Matter Of Style said...

hi peggy! thanks for liking my blog
i'll visit yours immediately!!

Matter Of Style said...

thanks Lia!the dress form was so easy to make and so useful!!

Matter Of Style said...

hi barby,thanks again for the awards and your sweet comments!I'll click your blog now dear!

Matter Of Style said...

Ciao D.I.,grazie per i complimenti!
mi mandi un link dei pantaloni che dicevi?vediamo se riesco a darti delle indicazioni :)
buona giornata!

shopnowsavelater said...

I love this DIY! confession: i attempted this look and failed miserably!I dont have the magical hands like you do! really love this look!

Matter Of Style said...

hi TY,totay i'll try to upgrade the tutorial with some new pics and better explanations

Anonymous said...

This is very nice. I think I might try it!

Ely said...

OMG!!! You inspire me even more!!!! I really want to make this project!!! I love the firts outfit, Did you make the blouse too?

Thanks for visit my Blog!!!

Matter Of Style said...

Hi Ely, thank you to you! I haven't make the blouse, it's from the 70s.
Love your blog! :D

P.S. you can find a lot of DIY projects browsing the drop down menu under the title! ;)