Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DIY cut out asymmetric shoes


chalk tracingsstart cutting
halfway done

Here we are again.
Did you bet on the fact i would cut my version of the new zara asymmetric shoes?
Well i did.I've taken my scissors and cut a common pair of pointy shoes to asymmetric sexiness.
Let's get back for a moment.Those shoes which caused hysterical crysis in zara shops have been inspired by Stella MCCartney Morgana pointed slingbacks shoes you can buy at net a porter clicking on the name.
Have you ever realized how even something cheap can become exclusive when it isn't available in shops anymore?

DIY your own:

  1. buy a pair of suedette pointy shoes (this material will be easier to cut)
  2. look at the pictures of zara shoes and with a chalk draw the new asymmetric profile on the shoes
  3. with scissors cut the profile (manicure scissors will be fine,they're small and accurate)
  4. go over the shoes with a brush to erase chalk tracings
  5. shoes are made of several layers;if these layers open up at the side glue them together again with vynilic glue
and it's done!
These are my new favorites!I've chosen a medium heel for this project.
Pointy toe and sky high heel can be a deadly combination that can force you to wear these shoes only in special occations.That would be a shame for a pair of shoes that go with everything and can rock in many outfits during this spring.

Ci risiamo.
Quanto tempo mi avevate dato prima che prendessi in mano le forbici e trasformassi brutalmente le solite scarpe a punta nelle scarpe che non ho potuto comprare in ben due negozi di zara?
Torniamo indietro per un attimo.Le scarpe che hanno generato l'isteria nei negozi spagnoli si ispirano ad un paio di scarpe di Stella MCartney,le Morgana pointed slingbacks che potete acquistare cliccando sul nome su net a porter.
Avete mai riflettuto su come anche qualcosa di accessibile economicamente può diventare esclusivo ed inaccessibile quando non è più disponibile nei negozi?

Se volete invece replicare il look:
  1. prendere un paio di scarpe a punta scamosciate (saranno più facili da tagliare)
  2. guardando le immagini delle scarpe di zara disegnate con un gessetto il profilo asimmetrico
  3. con le forbici (quelle della manicure sono piccole e precise,andranno benissimo) tagliate il profilo
  4. passate un pennellino sulle scarpe per togliere tutte le traccie del gesso
  5. se gli strati che compono la scarpa appaiono divisi ai lati incollateli di nuovo con della colla vinilica
ed è fatta!
Ecco a voi le mie nuove preferite! Volutamente ho scelto un tacco moderato.Il duo punta stretta tacco alto può essere micidiale e costringerci ad indossare quelle scarpe solo in certe occasioni. Sarebbe un vero peccato per un paio di scarpe che vanno bene con tutto e possono diventare il jolly di molti outfit di primavera.


Anonymous said...

Oooh I love this idea!!!


Hanna said...

lovely DIY! you have such a awesome blog!

Matter Of Style said...

thanks Hanna!

major said...

THAAAAANK YOU!!!! I can't find the szara shoes in the US/DC area.. thank you ... off to buy cheap pointy shoe

Matter Of Style said...

go for it major!
the cool thing is that now we can choose color, want them in red?
we just have to buy a red shoes and repeat the process ;)

The fashion building / DIY said...

GREAT job!

isis said...

they look awesome!! are they harder to walk in?

Matter Of Style said...

hi isis,they fit perfectly as they did before the cut,they don't slip off

Unknown said...

I've been frantically trying to find these and was starting to accept defeat... until THIS! Amazing diy. They look just as good as the originals. Where did you get those suede shoes?

xx Cristina

Matter Of Style said...

hi Cristina,i got them in a italian low cost high street shop,a pair of cheap pointy toes with be fine.
if they're cheap you won't be scared of ruin them.

I'M THAT CHIQ said...

Very creative, wonder how it looks on :D

Unknown said...

I have spent the last 30mins going through your blog; OMG!!! you are sooooooooooooooooo talented. Love Love you blog & great DIY ideas.
Can`t wait to try some of them out.

Anonymous said...

Hi! You have a great blog :)

These shoes are very well-done! You have done the cut out line very neatly. Looks awesome!


evie said...

perfect idea!

Susie Hope said...

This DIY is fantastic! Really easy to follow, and that is exactly what I did...check out my version of your DIY on

Carry on doing what you your blog!

Susie X

Daysleeper said...

Ispiratissima da ho creato anch'io un paio simile! Mi farebbe molto piacere se passassi a dare un'occhiata :)

Paula said...

We don't have Zara in New Zealand - DIY time!! Love this project, seems easy enough and looks high end!