Tuesday, February 1, 2011

knitted ruffle skirt DIY

Shoes: Strutt for Asos
bag: Cinti

I'm seeking for spring colours and atmosphere. Today i would like to share with you a new DIY project that includes knitting .It's a flared, ruffled skirt.Even if seems complicated it's made with just purl stitch,the ruffle effect is done with a special yarn called Ondas.
You can find it googling ondas knit or ruffle yarn.
At first sight it looks like a normal yarn but when you open it's made of net.
Once it's opened you can start knitting it normally, you just have to insert your needle along the border of the net.
Confused?Don't worry,i found for you a step by step tutorial plus a pattern for a basic scarf.

basic scarf download by Katia.es

The skirt is made of 2 pieces sewn together, a front and a back. Every side it's basically a trapezium.

Start with 60 stitches (for a size UK 10,USA 6,euro 38) or 64 (for a size UK 14,USA 10,euro 42)
at the third row start decreasing.
decrease one stitch each side (at start and end)
continue decreasing as shown
decrease 1 stich every 2 rows (twice)
decrease 1 stitch every 4 rows (twice)
decrease 1 stitch every 6 rows(twice)
then continue till the desidered lenght

repeat all for the other side.
Sew the pieces together then sew a wide elastic band at the top.

If all this is confusing then just take a flared skirt from your wardrobe and follow its shape,it will be your pattern or use one of the tons of free patterns i found at this link

How the yarn looks like


Morgane said...

Wow! you really made that skirt! It's so beautiful! (and an amaing job as well ). I really love the colors! <3


Anonymous said...

The skirt you made is BEAUTIFUL! And I adore the colors! Great job!


Jane said...

how many balls of yarn did you use?

Matter Of Style said...

thanks for the sweet comments, i really appreciate your feedbacks! :D

for Jane
i used roughly 400 gram of yarn;
balls can be of 50gr or 100gr
so depending on their weight you can buy 8 or 4