Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ring & the City

Philippe Tournaire

Gotham City ring

The city at your fingertips with these bold rings. They are very unusual and incredible. Can you recognize the cities reproduced? The rings in gold are by Philippe Tournaire.There are some less expensive options too like the brooklyn bridge ring and the Gotham city ring.

Un'intera città sulla vostra mano con gli anelli di Philippe Tournaire,veramente inusuali e incredibili. Riuscite ad individuare le città riprodotte? Questi anelli sono in oro e molto costosi ma sono disponibili anche delle versioni più economiche come l'anello con il ponte di brooklyn e l'anello che riproduce Gotham city.


Unknown said...

I can't believe they can make rings like that. They are amazing!

You always discover something interesting.
Keep up the good work :)

Have a nice day.


Mishell Orta said...

Ah these are amazing! As an undergraduate architect I would love to wear one of these beauties to university!

Matter Of Style said...

thanks barbie,your new bag look cool

Matter Of Style said...

Hi Mishell and welcome,i forgot to say that you can click on the brookyn and gotham city ring to shop them. If money for you is not a problem then you can head to the philippe tournaire website to know how to shop the rings.